Successful Summer Book Sales!

On Saturday, August 8, 2015, the beloved annual used booksale event finally moved back to the Library parking lot. Attendance was great. And we raised close to $1500 to support the work of the Friends.

Hundreds of people visited our booth at the weekly Truckee Thursdays event during the summer months. We sold many books, and had great conversations about yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's libraries.


Truckee Library Book Sale

2015 Summer Reading Program!

Over 325 kids signed up for this year's program. The seven fun-filled programs for participants included four major events plus three RUFF reading programs. Participants kept track of the time they spent reading during the summer and collected awards when they reached benchmarks on their way to the end goal.


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Rolann Aronson presents a $500 check to FOL President Ruth Hall.

Mission to Mars Coordinator Makes a Donation to the Friends!

Literacy Program Coordinator Rolann Aronson and her husband Ken made a generous donation to FOTL from the proceeds of their Mission to Mars Summer Camp held at the Truckee Airport. The funds will be used for materials for Read Up!, the Adult literacy Program at the Truckee Library.